Carton Label

  • Cardboard, paper and PVC label

  • Offset, silk screen and digital printing label

  • Matte and glossy cellophane application

  • Custom and laser cut label

  • Lacquer and foil applications

  • Embossing and crushing techniques

Woven Label

  • Ultra high resolution printed weft satin quality

  • Satin and semi-satin quality

  • Edge weaving quality

  • Thousands of colors of polyester and cotton yarn

Types of Jakron

  • Incineration, crushing, embossing, foil and silk screen applications

  • Washing Instructions

  • Satin and ribbon types

  • Nylon, acetate, polyester, edge woven satin ribbon applications

  • Flexo, bird and silk screen printing alternatives

Printing label

  • High quality Flexo printing up to 6 colors

  • Silk screen printing up to 2 colors

  • Multi-color transfer printing

  • Hot Foil Printing

  • Cotton and polyester material with many color options

  • Leather & Jakron label

  • Genuine leather label

  • Imitation leather label

  • A wide variety of wobble and gripper types

Clip Tag

  • Injection molded clips

  • Fixed body, metal, ribbon and aluminum cases

  • Locked ropes with logo

  • Locked ropes without logo

Barcode Tags

  • Paper, synthetic, polyester labels

  • Nature Friendly Labels

  • Glossy and matte label options

  • Self-adhesive barcode labels

Corporate identity

  • Logo, catalog, brochure, advertising and business card services

  • Invoice, valuable documents, envelopes and similar services

  • Graphic design services