We are here to continually update the machine park by constantly following the technology, producing labels at high quality and to satisfy our valued customers.


In our woven label department, your labels touch with professional masters Jacob Müller quality and are directed to the relevant machine according to the desired cutting folding style. These machines are;

Machine Parkour; 1 Willy Gofre + Hologram, 1 Jacob Müller, 5 Willy Cutting Fold, 1 Müller Ultrasonic Cutting, 1 Galvo Laser Cutting (Woven label, leather, paper, pvc, fabric, wood and chamois cut, Willy Roll + Interlining, 1 Roll Polishing

Ultrason machine: The label ensures that the edges are smooth and that it does not disturb the contact when the skin touches.
Laser machine: Especially used for the cutting of labels such as rigging. The interlining and stitching machine: makes the embossing yarns on the back of the interlabelers more regular, while the collar helps to make the fabric more firm and firm. These machines can also be made with labels and brackets that can be affixed to the iron with the BSM.
Wafer machine: Patterns the fabric by embossing the fabric and also performs the polishing process.
Cutting and Folding Machine: Cuts the label according to the size and folds the taffeta inward. It also counts the number of labels during this process.
Folding machine: Folds the label in half and counts as one.
Butterfly folding: The edges of the label are folded backwards to form a share from above.
Straight cutting: Laser cutting is done according to the desired shape.


Printed labels used in many areas, especially washing instructions in our printing department, are produced with professional masters. In this process: Satin, non-reflective, polyester, extrafor, ribbon, adhesive satin, adhesive sticker, transparent sticker printing process Focus (CDS), Bird machine and screen printing machine are used. There is also a machine used for barcode printing. The names and fields of use of printing labels are;

Machine Parkour; 1 Focus (2 Front 1 Rear), 1 Focus (6 Front 2 Rear), 1 Bird (5 Front + 1 Rear), 1 Serigraphy, 8 Ribbon Sato English Satin: Bathing Suit / Lingerie / Penile / Tricot / Denim Labels

European carpet: lingerie / shoe labels

Japanese flip-flops: swimwear / underwear / cotton / tricot / jeans tags

Kanvas: jeans / coat / coat tags

Satin sticker: tags on shoe / parcel

Transparent sticker: to specify the size of the material on the packaging and in the work

Ribbon: as strip and cut, usually on decorative labels

Woven printing: tricot / coat tags

Narrow weave: denim / tricot labels

Silicone: trim label / swimwear bracelet

Fish back (Extrafor): jeans / tricot / coat tags

Ribbon printing: The name of the ribbon used in the making of the gift is printed.


Our Printing and Offset department has all the equipments used in the production of cardboard labels. Offset printing technique ensures high quality image and clarity. In this department, it is possible to print sheet material, pilyaj, perforation, special cut, selephone, bonding, foil and hologram printing. Possible actions are as follows;

Pilaf: It is the technique that makes folding of the card easier.
Perforation: In cardboard labels, the price and the barcode part are the technique that allows the adhesive part to be easily torn off.
Custom cut: Printed cut is a cutting technique applied to give different shapes and characters.
Selephone: Used to increase the strength of a paper or cardboard, to protect it from external factors, to delay fading, to obtain a matte or glossy image.
Foil: It is a hot gild technique. A full golden footprint is obtained in silver print.
Wafer: A technique to give a feeling of swelling to a desired area on the label.
Hologram printing: A foil printing system obtained by gilding technique. The feature creates an image of different color effects when the label is moved.


In our leather department, the dyes are dyed in accordance with the desired sample color and cut in the desired size on the press. It is then subjected to cold pressing, dyeing, washing and laser scraping. It can be cut by laser cutting. These; Jacquard, sunni skin, true skin can be.